Your best
are just one
click away.
Immediate access.
Highly interactive.
Singularly focused.
Digitally promoting
your products/services
where customers will
better receive them.
CornerPost™ eMedia Solutions puts your marketing and brand-building communications smack dab in front of the customers you seek, opening the door to a whole new world of marketing and information. From a smart phone, I-pad or computer, that door swings wide open for customers to step inside and discover your products, services and special promotions—and in a dynamic, interactive environment of your own making!

Unlike traditional print media and digital newsletter formats where your message is either slow to arrive or surrounded by editorial, CornerPost eMedia Solutions insures that your promotion is single focused. We target prospective customers with a personally addressed email broadcast communication of your own creation. No more being overlooked or having to compete with an endless sea of advertising and editorial.

And because every CornerPost subscriber has opted in, your marketing communications lands right where your customers want it. On their home, office or smart phone where they can open it right away, save it for later, or forward it on to friends and neighbors.

CornerPost eMedia Solutions has what it takes to give your next product launch or promotional campaign the extra punch it deserves. Singularly focused, immediate, interactive, cost effective—and limited only by your imagination.
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